Brevard Public Schools has upgraded our volunteer system and criteria.
There are now three levels of volunteers: A+, A and B.
Please note the new link below. This will take you to the page with the explanations of all levels as well as the link to sign up to volunteer for your desired level. Each level has a different link so please make sure you pay close attention.
The new link to route ALL levels of volunteers is the following:
Please contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Jennifer Julian, at or 321-727-3090 extension 1006 with any questions regarding the new changes.
See pages 2, 3 and 4 for detailed information about each volunteer level.
Thank you for your continued patience and support with our new volunteer

Jennifer Julian,
Assistant Principal

Gemini Elementary School

2100 Oak Street
Melbourne Beach, Florida 32951
School Phone: 321-727-3090 | Fax: 321-725-7481

Attention Guests:

All visitors & volunteers at Gemini must sign in (and out) in the front office and wear a name badge at all times.

Cafeteria Manager: 727-7959
School Age Child Care: 722-4717
Volunteer Coordinator: Mrs. Julian,